I'm Gown For Anything!

Ok, so to start off I feel like I owe you an explanation for the title of this blog post. 

To be honest I was clueless what to name this, I immediately turned and asked Brittney, the model for this shoot, if she had any ideas. She told me to google names of OPI nail polish as they always have creative names for their polish's and clearly they are alllllll about color. HELLO this shoot has plenty of pretty pinks and dusty purples. (; Sweet Brittney is also someone I shoot with a lot. I need a mode? SHE IS THERE! seriously the best and is always down for anything. Lastly, the dress. You guys, I found this dress online for around $30!! If you google OPI's i'm gown for anything polish, you will see it is the same color as the pallet for this shoot. So here you have it. A blog about what to name this blog attached with pretty photos that include a DIY grocery store bouquet. HA! ( :