Florida Farmers Market Editorial + Vow Renewal

From the planner Brandi: "Brandie + Jason Chavez rewrote and renewed their wedding vows they spoke to each other 6 years ago. What was planned to be a faux wedding, turned into a beautiful, heartfelt vow exchange amongst a couple who a month prior sensed that it was time for such an event when their old framed wedding vows peculiarly fell off their wall for the first time ever. DIY projects for the day included 20 stained mini cutting boards as chargers, take-home treat station for guest's 4-legged companions, interactive herb garden for the couple that guests could help plant an herb in. All the succulent plants were potted with up-cycled thrift store containers from a vendor found at the local farmers market, macramé potted plants, handmade jewelry by a local artist found at the farmers market and a signature cocktail using the venue’s shrub mix. The shoot included mostly vendors found by the planner at her and her fiancé’s favorite farmers market in town. The shoot included a “Hangover cure magic concoction” for guests to drink while they wait for the couple to exit the venue. The “concoction” being kombucha made by no other than a local farmer’s market vendor. A local coffee shop was also included with their food truck that provided coffee and mini pop tarts in addition to the delicious lemon, lavender cake. Each vintage piece in the shoot had its own past and was shared in a new beginning for the couple. 

The “help us plant our herb garden” station featured herbs directly from, you guested it, the farmers market. It served as a perfect past time activity for guests. Another interactive guest feature of the shoot was a window panel proposing the question, “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you?” to guests so the couple could know their loved one’s wildest dreams and hold them accountable to running after them. The quote on the bride and groom’s chairs, “You and me together, we can do anything”, speaks directly to the couple and how much life they lived in their 6 years together. The venue is a farm and mills that produces rice, grits, honey, jam, eggs and alcohol shrub mix. With a venue that offers so much, it was a no brainer to do a map detailing all of the things it had to offer, including the beautiful quasi-hut built by the young owners and their dad. Not only does the venue offer a perfect isolated feel from the busy city, it also offers a taste of childhood for most with a train track running across the road with a train that sounds its soothing whistle into the night sky. On this day, the sky looked stunningly orange, mixed with beautiful hues of blue due to a wildfire that was slowly burning in a state over. Music choices for this day were 1940-1950s thrift shop mo- town tunes that sang of love and the simpler times. My favorite memory of the day was getting a big replenishing glass of Kombucha from our special friends and cheering with all the vendors after a successful day."

Olivia Morgan Photography
Olivia Morgan Photography
Olivia Morgan Photography


Venue: Congaree + Penn

Planning + Design concept: Zesty Lemon Design co.

Floral Design: Marble + Pine

Dress: The White Magnolia

Suite: Men's Warehouse

Stationary: Ashley Purser

Hangover cure: Kombucha

Food/ Coffee truck: Vagabond Coffee co.

Signature drink: C & P Shrub mix and Manifest Distillary

Cake: Community Loaves

Hair + Makeup: Josie Otero

Plants (cactus & succulents, rope plant hangers): succulent strong

Jewelry: Bijubee Jewerly

 Vintage Rentals- Vintage Arts Inc